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If you need quick cash, then a cash advance, installment or title loan may be perfect for you. Cash advances are provided to customers and are then paid back whenever they receive their paycheck. Our installment loans can be paid back in multiple payments.  Title loans require that you have a vehicle that can be used as collateral. We offer same day funding. All our loans involve you getting money fast. We're conveniently located in southeast Laredo at 4401 Hwy 359 Ste 1. These are the loan products that we offer:

Flexi Lend 1

Enjoy immediate relief for unexpected expenses with a cash advance, allowing you to address your financial challenges without delay until your next payday.

Flexi Lend 5

Experience financial flexibility with up to 5 monthly installments, putting finance management in the palm of your hand.

Flexi Lend 10

Address those more flexible financial needs with ease through up to 10 bi-weekly installments, a flexible loan solution suited to you.

Title Loans

Fast-track your financial future by using your car's title to secure a loan with competitive terms and flexible repayments.
To qualify for a loan, you must have a stable job that pays on a regular basis. Often, customers can get the money they need in their accounts on the same day that they apply.

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Coming soon, ACH deposit and push to debit card